STRINGS expert Zeinab El Maadawi has authored a chapter in a new report that explores how humanities should address major current transformations regarding science and technology and their ethical challenges.

With contributions from 130 experts, the 7th Higher Education in the World Report Humanities and Higher Education: Synergies between Science, Technology and Humanities (HEIW7) aims to provide the academic community, policymakers and decision-makers within higher education and wider society with a diagnosis and analysis of the current state of affairs, and offer proposals that can broaden our horizons towards a much needed integrated approach to knowledge.

Zeinab El Maadawi’s chapter, entitled “Fit for Future- Skills for Next Generation Learners in a Sustainable Digital World”, looks at how digitalization and sustainable development for a climate-resilient future necessitate relevant transformation of the education system and learning in the workplace, and proposes four main categories of skills that are required to help the next generation of learners adapt to the rapidly changing world.