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Three members of the STRINGS team will be presenting at Forecasting the future of sustainable development: approaches to modelling and the science of prediction, a free three-day online workshop organised by CEST – Centro per l’Eccellenza e gli Studi Transdisciplinari on 16-18 June 2021.

Across the three days, contributions will be devoted to some of the most important topics related to the methodological, practical and ethical challenges aroused by the adoption of models and forecasting within public and private sustainable decision-making processes.

On Wednesday 16 June, Prof Andy Stirling and Dr Tommaso Ciarli will appear as panellists in session titled Innovation and mathematics for Sustainable Development Goals. The session aims to provide an overview on the definitions, mathematical tools and innovation practices about Sustainable Development Goals. It is designed to enhance the discussion among policymakers, data scientists and stakeholders.

On Friday 18 June, Prof Joanna Chatway will be delivering they keynote talk in a session titled Policy pull or science push? Expert advice to government in the post-normal era. The aim of this session is to frame the complex relationship between scientific advice and government policymaking, framing both (i) the risks which may occur in the shift from “evidence-based policy-making” to “policy-based evidence-making” and (ii) ways and means to find a proper balance between ever-changing political needs and scientific/expert advisory bodies’ autonomy.

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